My Comic Picks for 2/24/16!

I used to do this before Geeky Girl Experience crashed. Here’s my comic picks of the week and why! Kanan #11 UGH! I’m so upset that Kanan ends next issue! It’s my favorite of the Star Wars comics! This issue was absolutely fantastic. If you listen to my podcast Jaig Eyes and Jedi, you know […]

Fight Human Oppression! The Aliens are Coming!

Calling all Sochettes! Michael Socha is in a new show! I saw on his twitter account a promotion for his new show called The Aliens. I’m wondering if The Aliens is going to be a dramedy. The trailer was hilarious, and the Mirror calls it a comedy. But as I looked among the various websites […]

Working on getting this site back up!

After a server crash last year, I’ve been slowly piecing back together Geeky Girl Experience. Some of the older blogs are lost. Other are saved and will be put back up. So for the moment, the site looks a bit rough. We’re working on getting it back up to all of it’s glory! Thanks for […]

My Top 10 Episodes of Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls will have its series finale on Monday February 15th with a one hour episode. While I already wrote up my goodbye to the show (which I still can’t read without tearing up), I want to pick out my absolute favorite episodes. These are my choices for either character development, pushing the boundaries of […]

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