Fight Human Oppression! The Aliens are Coming!

Calling all Sochettes! Michael Socha is in a new show!

I saw on his twitter account a promotion for his new show called The Aliens.

I’m wondering if The Aliens is going to be a dramedy. The trailer was hilarious, and the Mirror calls it a comedy. But as I looked among the various websites for the show, the promotions seem more like a sci-fi suspense flick. Channel 4’s site called it a drama. It reminds me of the vast amount of clue filled websites that ran for Cloverfield. Lord, the amount of hours I lost in my life scouring the fake Myspace pages for that movie. I had to fight every urge to click around The Aliens’ website looking for Easter eggs. There’s also little to no information on the show’s IMDB page which is odd since it’s out next month.

Channel 4’s site goes into more of the faux history of the series which you can see here! There’s also two videos! One is a message from The Alien League. The other is a news story covering the past events leading up to the show. Sadly, I can’t watch the last two. Since I live in the States, I don’t have access to those videos. I hope they put them on youtube soon!

I’m ecstatic to see Mr. Socha on my television again. While Alan Rickman might be my favorite actor of all time (God rest his precious soul), Mr. Socha is quickly becoming my favorite living actor. I’ve stated it before in other posts about how he’s a constant source of inspiration to never give up. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in his career.

I can’t wait to write reviews for this show. I just hope I can get it here over in the States. Check out the trailer below!

The Aliens premiers in the UK this March and also stars Michaela Coel, Jim Howick, Michael Smiley and Ashley Walters.

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