I have a problem with Darth Vader #24 (and it’s a good thing)

MAJOR Spoilers for Darth Vader #24

Charles Soule’s run of Darth Vader wraps up in December, and I’m already mourning it. I love everything about this series. Talking about this run on my podcast Jaig Eyes and Jedi (the episode will be out in a couple weeks), I described every issue is like different kinds of chocolate. Some issues are fudge, some are dark chocolate, some are white chocolate, but in the end, it’s all chocolate and it’s all good.

Which made me incredibly bummed out when I eagerly opened issue #24 and saw the conclusion of one of my new favorite characters in the series, the ancient Sith Lord Momin.

Momin was introduced a few issues ago, but he’s been lingering ever since Soule’s 2016 run of Lando. The way Soule built his story, so masterfully gave us a backstory to this new enemy, that it made me eager to see how Vader would face such a dangerous foe.

I think I set my hopes far too high. I was expecting the last two issues to be centered around this fight, Old Sith vs New Sith, in a knock out, drag out battle for Vader’s Castle. I wanted to see a battle of wits. Momin is so incredibly smart, so eloquent, and he was so different from other Siths that I wanted this fight to be unique.

Spoilers for the issue! Last warning!

Last month’s issue ended with Momin coming back from the dead and ready to fight. I squealed seeing him in the flesh. I was watching the days until the newest issue came out this week.

When I finally got it today, I eagerly opened it and quickly read through it. In the issues, Vader finds Momin and they fight…

…And the fight only last a few pages. In fact, Vader beat him by throwing a rock and squishing him to death (again). I was at work, unable to freak out, and stared at the comic in silence for the longest time. The battle I looked forward to so much ended so quickly leaving me incredibly unsatisfied. I felt like the humorous moment from Avatar: the Last Airbender where Zuko is turning over the scroll yelling, “That can’t be it? Where’s the rest of it?”

It was the first time in twenty-four issues of this wonderful series that I finished the comic feeling unhappy. I was so used to reading each issue and jonesing for the next one to come out. But this week, I felt kind of empty at the end of it.

I mulled over the book on my drive home trying to pinpoint exactly why I disliked this issue so much. I knew I had really high expectations for the fight, which was probably my first mistake. I had just talked about my excitement for the conclusion of the series a few nights ago on my podcast (again, the episode will be out in a couple weeks). This series has easily become my favorite Star Wars comic, if not one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars media. I couldn’t remember the last time I have been so excited for a comic. So why did this issue let me down so much?

Finally, I came to the realization of what the problem was:

I didn’t want Momin’s story to end. I really fell in love with that character. I knew he wouldn’t make it out of the series, but I also wanted him to have an incredibly badass finale, not get smooshed like the Mustafar lava flea he possessed. I wanted more of Momin, more of Vader, more time of the two of them clashing and brawling. Most of all, I don’t want this run to end.

This series is so good, so beautifully written with gorgeous art by Giuseppe Camuncoli that I want it to go on forever. It’s a testament to Soule as a writer who in such a short amount of time made me love this new character so much.

I hope we get more Momin in the future. I want to see him in a full miniseries or novels. He’s a wonderful addition to the Star Wars Universe, and I can’t praise him enough.

So wonderful job, Mr. Soule! You made me love a character so much that I miss him already.

Please write Star Wars forever.


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