Cardcaptor Sakura is Getting a New Manga!

My childhood is rejoicing right now. Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a new manga!

It was announced in the April issues of Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine that a new chapter is coming in celebration of Cardcaptor Sakura’s 20th anniversary. Anime News Network reports that it will more than likely not be a full-length series. At this time, though, there aren’t enough details to confirm or deny that. We also don’t know when this new title is coming.

6415lThe series premiered in May 1996. It follows the adventures of elementary school student, Sakura Kinomoto, as she discovered magical powers through the use of mystical cards called “Clow Cards.” With the help of her guardian, Kero, they work to gather the escaped cards which can bring destruction to her city.

I am beside myself with excitement. When I was a kid, I liked Disney, but I could never relate to any of the Princesses. It wasn’t until Tangled that I had a princess I could stand behind. I grew up on anime. Sailormoon was my princess. Then, I discovered the anime of¬†Cardcaptor Sakura as it aired on Kids’ WB followed up with it’s run on Toonami. I spent hours watching and rewatching Cardcaptors in my basement. I would act out all the scenes and recite Sakura’s incantation to form her magical staff. I dreamed of a little lion companion like Kero to help me through life (because I was in the dreaded Middle School at the time). Most of all, I saw myself in Sakura. She struggled in school like I did. She had crushes she didn’t understand. She fell for a boy who was too old for her while I stumbled through puberty. The series also introduced me to my first same sex male couple. I was familiar with the relationship of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune from Sailormoon, but I never experienced two men together in mainstream media. Of course, the American version censored it. I was able to get my wily hands on the unedited Japanese versions.

Cardcaptor Sakura has been a staple my entire life. She is a hero to me. I highly look forward to the next chapter in Sakura’s tale.

(via Anime News Network)



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