Jaig Eyes and Jedi

JaJ2008! A brave group of Jedi led by DAVE FILONI brought tales of the Jedi, clone armies and Mandalorians to the CARTOON NETWORK! Welcome to JAIG EYES and JEDI!

Jaig Eyes and Jedi is a podcast I co-host with my friend Chris Honeywell. Star Wars: The Clone Wars was my gateway to loving Star Wars. It led me to meeting Chris and Scott at a Dragon Con panel. From there, they invited me to join the Two True Freaks network where I’ve been a podcaster since 2009.

There are several ways to listen to Jaig Eyes and Jedi:

At the Two True Freaks website that also has the show notes!


It will also play on apps like Podcast Addict!

Who True Freaks

WTFheaderA Doctor Who podcast wrangled by Shawn Engel with a rotating band of Freaks from around the world who cover all eras of the Doctor’s timeline!

I am apart of the rotating cast of panelist. I tend to be on the episodes covering the new era of Doctor Who.

Sadly, the show is currently on hiatus. Our fearless leader, Shawn, passed away suddenly in December 2015. We’re debating the best way to proceed with episodes, and who will lead it up.

Here’s two ways to listen to Who True Freaks:

You can listen to it on the Two True Freaks website!


Hope of All Trades

Hope Of All TradesHope of All Trades is a girl’s take on geek life. Spanning a wide variety of topics from anime, Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, comics, books, television shows, and pop culture, Hope Mullinax will be your guide to the world of various fandoms.

This is my personal show with Two True Freaks. It’s a multi-fandom show where I cover whatever I want. It is on a bit of a hiatus. Between working with What the Fangirl, my job, and Jaig Eyes and Jedi, HoAT has taken a backseat.

You can listen to it on the Two True Freaks website!


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