My Comic Picks for 3/23/16

Star Wars, Marvel, Boom! Studios, OH MY! It’s another week in comics!

One title not on this list is Batman #50. I haven’t read Scott Snyder’s masterpiece. I just haven’t had the time. I do feel the need to congratulate him and Greg Capullo. It’s rare in this market for a comic to reach 50 issues AND sell over 100k for every single one of those.

Congratulations, gentlemen! That’s amazing!

Here are my picks for the week!

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #4

Comic Picks Patsy Walker 4Kate Leth and Brittney Williams are a match made in awesome.

This is a FUN comic running in the same vein as the bestselling Squirrel-Girl! Patsy tries to make a business to help mutants and inhumans find jobs using their powers. Meanwhile, she’s bouncing around the dreaded job market working the retail world! I can totally relate being in my tenth year working retail. This title is one of the best rides Marvel has out there. I wish it was selling better.

When it comes out in trade paperback, I plan to pimp the heck out of it in my store.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan and Anakin #3

Obi-Wan and Anakin might be proof that the market is a touch too saturated with Star Wars comics. It still outsold Kanan which sadly ended last week, but it’s no where near the rock star numbers the main Star Wars series or Darth Vader sit at. It could also be the fact that anything from the prequel era leaves a rotten taste in people’s mouths. I’ll be interested to see how the Poe Dameron comic does next month. Are titles from the original trilogy era the only successes, or can newcomers from The Force Awakens bring in new readers?

I don’t care what the reason is! I love this era (see my Clone Wars podcast). Obi-Wan tries desperately to be the master Jedi that Qui-Gon Jinn wanted him to be. Anakin struggles with whether or not he even wants to be a Jedi. It’s also incredibly creepy to see how young Anakin was when Palpatine started prepping him for Vader. This is a fun character read for these guys.

Klaus #4

Comic Picks Klaus 4This is the origin story of Santa Claus. It sounds nice and pleasant, right?

Nope! Grant Morrison is writing it giving this a huge twist. Set in a Nordic town where a dictator rules (who I assume will become the Krampus), Klaus is a mountain man who lives with wolves. He follows his destiny laid down by forest sprites to bring Yule back to the city. There is a gritty side to the tale. Though, I love how Klaus is developing. He’s attacking guards, but it’s become more whimsical as he disarms them. Earlier in the series, it was brutal as he took men out. We only have a few issues left of this miniseries. If you haven’t started it yet, wait for the trade. It’s totally worth getting the whole story.

Star Wars #17

Forget about Luke and Han’s story. I’m more concerned that Leia is stuck in a jail by a sun with freaking crazy, Vader fangirl, murder bot building Doctor Aphra! Aphra is an amazing character! I love to hate her. She’s so batshit crazy that she even unnerves Vader at times!

Leia! You have to get out of there! Even though I know you will be okay, because you make it to the next movie, you have to escape that prison!

All New All Different Avengers #7

Comic Picks All New All Different Avengers #7I understand the point of tie-in issues. I don’t have to like them. They’re rarely worth interrupting the story for Marvel to make a quick money grab, especially since Standoff isn’t a big event. It makes sense to do it over the summer for Civil War II (ugh). Not now, though. Put out a small weekly miniseries for Standoff this month, and let that be your event.

I love this run of Avengers, so I’m going to read it. I don’t care at all they’re fighting the Uncanny Avengers. We have to wait two months until May to move past Standoff! It’s a great story arc! I love seeing Maria Hill fail at everything. But I don’t want it right now!

At least ANAD Avengers finished the first arc which was fantastic! Bring on the new Wasp in May!

All New Hawkeye #5

I’m a couple issues behind on this, but Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger. I’ll read him in just about anything (sorry, New Avengers). It’s nice to get all the Kate backstory before she was a Young Avenger. I need to catch up on this title. While it’s not quite the epic run Matt Fraction had, Jeff Lemire is still doing a fantastic job with my favorite.

Hyperion #1

Comic Picks Hyperion 1I’m excited! Hyperion is Superman if Superman was a complete asshole. I’m both intrigued and confused about the premise though. Previews said that he’s hiding out as a truck driver puttering around the country. He must be taking a break from the Squadron Supreme. Or maybe he’s on the run from something!

I hope his scary side comes out. I mean he did help murder Namor right in the first issue of Squadron Supreme back in December. Let’s see how much he can balance being a hero and not be a high and mighty jerk at the same time.

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever

I was surprised how good this title is! I mean Max Bemis is a fantastic writer, but the title is misleading. I’m not sure I was supposed to find it hilarious, but it was. Here’s a kid who’s a mutant. His power is that he can make an explosion. Only one. It will kill him the only time he ever uses his powers. He’s pretty much useless. He gets paired up with Jubilee who’s thought to be the worst X-Men among fans. I couldn’t stop laughing through the first issue. I loved it!

Is this supposed to be a farce?

Honorable Mentions

I’m going to pick up New Avengers #8 and Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. #8, because they’re both Standoff tie-ins. Luckily since I work in a comic book store, I can check them out without buying them. I more want the story without having to shell out the money. I’m not a fan of either title. Since there’s no main series for Standoff, the tie-ins are the only way to get the full story.

See you next week!


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