My Comic Picks for 3/9/16

It’s that time again! This week was a pretty big one considering there were no Star Wars titles out. Here are my comic book picks!

The Vision #5

VISION2015005_DC11_1If you are not reading The Vision from Marvel, you’re missing out on the best title on their market. This is everything wrong with artificial intelligence. Just because Vision is a hero doesn’t mean his murder happy wife and kids have to be. What’s worse, the humans have pushed them to this point. It’s a fantastic read all around. I wish it was selling better. I hope it has more success when it comes out in trades.

Doctor Strange #6

It’s coming. The enemy is destroying all magic. Stephen tries to save the lives of what’s left of the Sorcerer Supremes. Will it be too late?

Jason Aaron has been killing it on Doctor Strange. It’s really pumping me up for Benedict Cumberbatch’s take on the role. This is also a great intro series if you’ve never read any Doctor Strange before!

The Legend of Wonder Woman #3

This is easily one of the best Wonder Woman titles in years. I wish this wasn’t a mini-series, because both the art and story are solid. I could easily read 50 issues of it. Some may gripe that doing an origin story is boring and repetitive. I disagree. It brings new readers into the mix allowing for a new generation of comic lovers to discover classic characters. The Legend of Wonder Woman is running just in time for Batman vs. Superman. I wonder if it will tie in at all to the movie.

Disney Princess #1

STK695612-600x922If you’ve met me, you would know that I’m a huge Disneyphile AKA someone who’s a massive Disney fan. I squealed so loud when I found out that a monthly Disney Princess comic was coming. It even has my princess, Rapunzel, in it! I’ve been counting the days, and now it’s here!

I do wonder where the licensing lays with Disney comics. I would think it would be running under Marvel since Disney owns them. Instead, we see the small publisher Joe Books with the title. Marvel has the money to buy the titles back from them. I guess if it makes Joe Books some money, they’re going to hold onto that.

The Haunted Mansion #1

Once again, I’m a Disneyphile! Here’s a miniseries about one of the best rides in the world! Judging from the previews, we’re going to get more backstory about the ghosts who haunt the mansion. How did they die? Do they have unfinished business? Are they sticking around to party? We’ll have to see! If this title is anywhere as good as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, it’s going to be awesome!

The Baker Street Peculiars #1

Here we have another one of my loves, Sherlock Holmes!

Okay, not quite. In this, Ms. Hudson wrote the stories of Sherlock Holmes under the pen name of John Watson. Her tales inspire a group of kids to uncover the mystery of how statues are coming to life wrecking 1930’s London. This looks like a fantastic All Ages comic from Boom! Studios!

Kennel Block Blues #2

kennel_block_blues_002_a_mainI’m going to throw professionalism out the window, and say exactly what this is:

This is a fucked up comic and I love it. 

The basic premise is a pet is sent to the pound by mistake. To keep everything happy with his new “friends,” he imagines a cartoon world around him. It keeps him from seeing the brutality of the truth. For example in issue one, someone was stabbed. Horrified, he hallucinates candy and rainbows pouring out of their body.

It’s funny and terrifying and bright and gruesome all at the same time. Boom! has another winner on their hands with this one.


Insexts #4

Balancing sex and horror, Insexts has been great. It follows the tale of the lady of the house and her handmaiden hiding their affair in Victorian England. Only the handmaiden is actually a monster butterfly like creature. Murdering the husband, they seek a life of freedom in a man’s world. Now, other creatures are starting to rise up in their way. While I’m an issue behind, I had to pull it. Marguerite Bennett’s writing beats are perfect as the pace quickens and slows at the right moments. Ariela Kristantina’s art is some of the best out there.

The Mighty Thor #5


Finally! I’ve waited for this showdown since Jane Foster took up the hammer. Someone needs to put that pompous jerk Odin in his place! Jason Aaron has another stellar title going this week. I honestly don’t know when that man sleeps. Between Thor, Doctor Strange, Star Wars, The Goddamned, Weirdworld, Southern Bastards, and more, I swear he must be a vampire or something.

Honorable Mentions

The Uncanny Avengers #7– I pulled this for the Avengers Standoff tie in.

Guardians of the Galaxy #6– While I’m behind on this, this is probably one of my favorite runs on Guardians. I love Kitty Pryde on the team!

Mockingbird #1– While I’m not the biggest Bobbi Morse fan, I thought I would give this a try.

See you next week!



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