Poem: “Sherwood Forest”

Poetry isn’t my strong point. I’m more of a news and prose writer. Hell, I write narratives not rhymes. I just wanted to honor a hero of mine.

Holy crap, that rhymed…


“Standing up for what I believe in will always take precedence over whether you like me or not.”

                -Sean Maguire


By Hook or by Crook, the Crook’s got some words

inciting anger and petty towards that hairy cur

Don’t care for the bells? Like him or not

like Miranda, he’s not giving up a shot

to do what is right, to use art

to be a hero with words, show off his heart.

They say it’s overrated

speaking for the understated

These heroes are needed to fight

against this world’s anger and plight

They spread that hope and love

Fans are needed when they’re shoved

to push that message out

show what we’re about

and spout

that we’re not standing for hate and doubt.

From Leia to Meryl , we must create art

to help heal pain and broken hearts

These are my rhymes, however bad,

to remember the roles my hero has had.

Be smart like Ian

spy for those needin’

strength, pride, and hope

to have a future where they can cope

Be brave like Sir Robin

put away all your sobbin’

for words, pictures, dance,

theatre, songs, and romance

Laugh like Leonidas

(It’s hard to rhyme “Leonidas”)

to smile

be silly, bring cheer for a while.

Back to the hero, the man, the light

He’s the one charging words for this fight

Be honest like Sean, most important and truly,

helping less privilege is our duty

We need these great people of all kinds

who aren’t afraid to lay it out on the line

We need Green Wishes from the Hops

Life influencers like the Soch’s

Diversity like Atlanta

Helping kids in the Savanna

with Hiddles UNICEF mantra

Feathered faith like Lana

Disagree with your neighbor?

Have words. Put down your saber

Respect. Connection.

Words. Communication.

One family. One world.

To destroy each other’s absurd

Listen to this father, listen to this man

Respectfully disagree if you can

Strive to be like Maguire

question the orange storm’s ire


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