Rebels Remembered: Looking Back on Star Wars: Rebels

Finally, it’s time for fanfiction and fanart. This is so hard to choose when I have so many amazing fics bookmarked and my shortlist of fanartists started at about fifty people. I hate that I had to widdle this down, because there are so freaking many amazing artists out there. So while these are my top picks, please check out the #RebelsRemembered tag on Twitter to see others.

Sadly, the Great Tumblr Purge of 2018 made this a lot harder. I’ve lost a lot of the source links for some posts that I’ve had saved for years. I will do my best to make sure there’s a name on every piece I put up, and do my best to source it.

I should also note that a lot of these are based on my favorite characters (Ahsoka), ships (Kallus/Zeb), and sub-fandoms I’m in (What’s up, my fellow Thrawnster Monsters).

Hey, I got biases.


Summary: Five Ghost crew members who helped Alexsandr Kallus, and one who he helped in return.


I wanted to see him trying to adjust to rebel life and how the Ghost crew had to come to terms with the man who once tried to murder them all. All the characters are written so well, but the Chopper section is what steals the show for me.

Summary: Thrawn and Eli are sent on a mission near Pantora, and Riyo is not happy about their presence. Of course, her affiliation with a local Rebel cell only makes matters worse. Mind games, manipulation, and moral ambiguity ensue.

This is a great read if you are a fan of the Clone Wars character Riyo Chuchi. Virgil writes her marvelously as Riyo squares off against Thrawn. But oh man, there’s a chapter where Thrawn and Riyo meet to discuss business, and everyone thinks it’s a date. It’s AMAZING.

I also suggest just reading everything by Virgil (click here). She’s such a good writer. She was also the very first person to welcome me into the Thrawn fandom, so she has a soft spot in my heart.

Summary: Kanan may have died, and yeah — he didn’t have a body anymore. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t around in the one way that still mattered. After all, he had a son now, and what kind of father would he be if he didn’t keep an eye on him, even if he had to do it despite a little thing called death? Details, schmetails. He was determined to be the best dad ever.

Here, have some feelings of Ghost Kanan taking care of his son. This short read took only a few minutes to get through, but it still hit all of those heart strings just right. I actually wrote a counter fic to it, because it inspired me so much.

Summary: An Imperial law banning inter-species relationships is passed in an attempt to topple the Empire’s only alien officer. Hera lets herself get arrested in order to discover where prisoners are being held and finds herself making unexpected allies with a certain Grand Admiral’s aide. But will Thrawn survive once Eli is convinced the Chiss had a hand in his suffering?

UGH THIS FIC STILL HURTS ME TO THIS DAY! But it has such a satisfying ending. Hera is brilliant in this fic, but it’s the Eli and Thrawn story that drives it. It hurts. So much. It’s a hard read, but my goodness, stick through it. It’s really worth it in the end.

Plus, Moomkin is super sweet. Go follow them on Twitter.

Summary: It’s the night before Kallus and Zeb’s wedding and Zeb can’t sleep. He’s not supposed to see his betrothed before the wedding, so he manages to find a way around that rule.

This is just plain hecking cute! It’s adorable. Kallus and Zeb are just adorable boys in love and having a sneaky lovely night.

Summary: Thrawn and Eli find themselves sent on a mission to an abandoned facility on an empty world, and Eli’s not very happy about it.

Here’s the thing about a lot of Thrawn fanfics that I’ve read. A lot of times Thrawn does his Thrawn thing, and Eli follows along. But I love this fic, because Eli gets to take charge. He’s put into the leadership role and gets to shine. I love fics like these.

Summary: Ezra and Thrawn end up stranded on an uninhabited planet somewhere in the Unknown Regions. With no rescue on sight, can Ezra put aside his differences with one of his biggest enemies to survive? But most importantly… what is Thrawn’s ulterior motive to push for this unlikely alliance?

This is the fic I’m currently working my way through and it’s so good. It’s a take on what happened to Thrawn and Ezra after they were lost in the series finale. The intriguing part is them learning how to work as a team and learning to trust each other. I need to catch up, because I’m many chapters behind. But it’s a great read so far.

She is also incredibly sweet and you should follow her on Twitter.

I also want to mention Argent Gale, because I adore her. She’s a Thryce author (Thrawn/Pryce). While Thryce isn’t my cup of tea, she makes me want to love them them. She’s also super sweet on Twitter.

If I can be that guy, I wanted to share my work. My main fanfic is called “Forces of Gravity.”

Summary: Cass Kiyanu-Nuruodo has released a controversial book in the time of the New Republic. It outlines the lives of his parents, their meeting, their secret relationship, and his father’s death at Lothal. It caused quite a stir, because his father was Grand Admiral Thrawn.

I’ve written a lot of oneshots for Rebels from Kallus and Cassian having Fulcrum meetings, a wife cheating with the Grand Inquisitor, Hera telling Kanan she’s pregnant, a series of oneshots in one fic covering a variety of characters, and more.

I would be honored if you took the time to look at my work. For those of you that have, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Last but certainly not least, fanart. This was the hardest to choose from, because I love so many artists out there. In no particular order for your viewing pleasure, here are some of my personal favorite Rebels fanartists.




Charles Tan



Raikoh Illust

Tumblr (Some NSFW content)  – PatreonSociety6 Store

Just to note, the Ahsoka and Vader picture below is part of a bigger comic. Please follow this link to see the entire thing. Thanks!




Excuse me as I gush way too much here. Barb is probably my favorite Thrawn artist. She’s hilarious and wonderful. I can’t just pick four of her pieces to showcase. Between you and me, it would be such an honor if she drew something from my fanfiction. Damn my lack of money! *SHAKE FIST AT THE SKY*

Please enjoy her artwork. She’s such a sweetie, and I adore her.


Chris Schweizer


To be honest here, Chris is a friend of mine. I’ve known him for years, and I absolutely adore him. He’s an Eisner Award winning artist, and just the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Please check out more of his work especially if you love historic fiction or Star Wars done up like the old west!




Please note that some of these are parts of comics. They are noted with the picture.





Ksenia Zelentsova AKA Lornaka


I’ve been eying these Loth-Cat stickers forever. Sadly at the time of this post, they’re sold out. But you need to look at them anyway, because they’re amazing!




Not only does Pam draw the most adorable chibi art, she also crochets like her custom Tsum Tsums and keychains like the Lieutenant Lyste and Thrawn! She’s so nice too!





Elisa AKA Lledra


Though it’s not Rebels, please check out her amazing Clone Wars era comic Star Wars Destinies. It’s one of my favorite pieces of fanwork ever made. It’s funny, heartwarming, and then will break your feelings in half. It’s so good!


Chelsea & Emma AKA Flying Casual


Last but certainly not least (I saved them for last because they do full comics)

Juicy Space Secrets


Easily one of the funniest people I follow. They do Fulcrum comics of Ahsoka, Kallus, and Cassian just being a bunch of snarky assholes to each other. These Fulcrum comics made me wish beyond all hope that we had a comedy show with the three of them.

But I will never forgive them for making this heartbreaking comic that makes me cry every time.

Please click on the pictures to see the full comics.



Needless to say, Rebels has become one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars. I miss it all the time. I wish there was at least one more season. I can’t wait to see what happened to Ezra and Thrawn, to Ahsoka and Sabine, and I hope we see more of these characters in the future.

Maybe in Resistance?

Thank you cast and crew for this amazing show. It means the world to me.

With all my love,



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