The Maturity of Torra Doza in Star Wars Resistance

As I watched the season two opener of Star Wars Resistance, “Into the Unknown,” I was again struck by how mature Torra Doza is. This isn’t the first time I noticed it. In fact, I’ve been dabbling on this article for some time now ever since the episode “Secrets and Holograms.” In the show’s short run, we’ve gotten to see the two sides of Torra: the bubbly teenage girl and the action ready mature young woman.

Torra really is the first on screen person who truly acts like a teenager in Star Wars, and I love her for it. If we look at the rest of the other animated series and movies thus far, there really hasn’t been anyone like her. Padme was a queen then a senator in her teenage years. Anakin and Ahsoka were raised in the Jedi Temple. Ezra and Sabine were fighting in a war when they were Torra’s age.

And here’s Torra who lives in peace time. She plays video games. She hangs out with friends. She has posters on her walls, stuffed animals on her bed, and wants to have freedom outside of her father’s overprotective gaze. We’ve never seen anyone quite like her before.

But when danger comes and it’s time to fight, Torra knows when to step up. She’s a trained Ace Pilot. She is part of the defense of her home. As an expert pilot, she is skilled, fierce, and proud of her abilities.

“Secrets and Holograms” was when I first noticed a new side of her that really elevated her character for me. I realized how mature she was when it came to other people’s problems.

In the episode, the citizens of the Colossus come up to Torra in the marketplace demanding answers for Captain Doza’s actions. Just a reminder, Torra is fifteen years old. She is not her father’s keeper. She shouldn’t have to address his choices and decisions for the show. At first, Torra scuttles away with Kaz to the High Tower. And there, the other Ace Pilots demand more answers from her about Captain Doza. Again, she hears them out but leaves with Kaz. But by the end of the episode, she takes all of their worries to her father. She voices her own concerns for their home. She faces someone she loves, which isn’t easy to do, and wants to know what’s going on. That’s a lot for someone her age.

Flash forward to the season one finale. Torra is with Kaz as he watches his home planet of Hosnian Prime get destroyed by the First Order. She looks just as shocked as he is. As “No Escape, Part II” begins, Torra gives Kaz those moments that he needs to process what just happened. You would think she would also panic, but she doesn’t. She keeps her cool, and she has the mindset to give him those moments. And then it’s Torra who picks Kaz back up. She gets him back on his feet to make them keep moving. She’s so capable in that moment. She has the mental strength of someone well passed her young years.

Finally as I watched “Into the Unknown” to kick off season two, her quiet strength shown through once again. She is in the command center helping Captain Doza trying to get the Colossus working. She volunteers to help with fixing the systems. While they are working, Kaz is snipping at everyone. He calls Torra by Tam’s name. Kaz is complaining, stressed, and frustrated. The thing is, Torra is clearly stressed and frustrated too. But she doesn’t snap back at Kaz. She understands the grief he’s feeling at having just lost everything. She knows that this isn’t the real Kaz. So she lets him vent at her. She takes his harsher than normal words, and lets him have these moments.

I am constantly amazed at the mental strength of Torra Doza. She’s such an amazing young woman and positive influence for Star Wars. I keep finding myself feeling like a proud aunt when I watch her.

I am in so much awe at this fifteen year old girl.

Because I sure as hell didn’t have my shit this together at fifteen!


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