What the Fangirl

large-size-logo2When Bri and Alex of Other Side of the Mirror podcast saw a lack of posts on the internet for women written by women, they decided to make a change. Sure, there’s the Mary Sue, but Bri and Alex wanted something different.

They created What the Fangirl.

I joined them early on as a founder and contributor. In a short time, we’ve grown exponentially. We hope with our patreon that we’ll have support for years to come.

I tend to review comics since I work in a comic book store. I have also written reviews of television (my personal favorite is to roast Once Upon A Time out of love), music, and children’s shows. I’ve studied fandoms my entire life, so I like writing posts about how fandoms are changing the world. I also keep tabs on my celebrity crush, but don’t tell him that!

You can see all my contributions here.