Who Should Die in the Last Season of Star Wars Resistance?

Let’s start off by saying that I DON’T WANT anyone to die. I love every single character on Star Wars Resistance. The heroes are great. The villains are fascinating. The supporting characters add so much life to the show. I don’t want anyone to die.

But as I was writing episode feedback for The Geeky Bubble Podcast (who you should check out), I got to thinking about who would be the best choice for the story if someone bit the dust. The Filoniverse has always been strategic and smart when handling a character’s death. They’re usually to drive the narrative forward and/or push another character’s development. Clone Wars is a bit of an exception at times. The premise of the show makes it to where minor characters die in almost every episodes. But when you have those big deaths in Clone Wars like Satine or Fives, they really hit home.

This is all complete speculation, so let’s play this hypothetical game.

I don’t think any of the main characters will die. I’m including main characters as Kaz, Neeku, Torra, Tam, and Yeager. I think plot armor rules will apply to them, protecting them throughout the show. The only one I’m on the fence about is Yeager. I could see them killing Yeager, BUT I don’t know if the Filoniverse crew would want to repeat similar story lines so soon. It was just February 2018 when they killed Kanan Jarrus in Rebels. Ezra lost his mentor character and one of the adult leaders of the Ghost crew. If they killed Yeager, it could easily feel similar to the same story beats of Kanan’s demise. I don’t think they would want to do that so soon.

I’m not really counting the villains in this either. It’s the nature of shows like this to lose a villain or two along the way. I’m more focusing on the hero side of things.

After musing about it, I think if anyone had to die to push the story forward or help a character to change, I think the best choice would be Hype Fazon.

Again, I’m completely speculating here. This is not canon or anything.

I think Hype would be a fascinating choice to die for multiple reasons. He’s not protected by the plot armor of being a main character. He has higher stakes than some of the other supporting characters being an Ace. The Aces are supposed to protect the Colossus, and we’ve already seen him actively fighting the First Order in the show. He’s a celebrity on the Colossus. Most people tend to like Hype. He’s friends with many of the main characters. His death could be a huge rallying point for the citizens to rise up against the First Order, making them more willing to fight.

But where I think his death would be best used is for Tam’s story. It would be heart wrenching if they were forced to fight each other pilot to pilot. If Tam is forced to fight anyone from the Colossus would break my heart! We saw in “A Quick Salvage Run” her horror as the First Order fired on her old home. If she killed anyone from there, it would devastate her.

Hype’s death could be extra painful for Tam. We saw in season one that Tam and Hype have a rough past together. Hype hurt Tam and left her behind to become an Ace Pilot. We also saw that Hype reach out to Tam a couple times to try and start the healing process. It was Tam who refused him as she wasn’t over how he hurt her.

I think if Hype was killed, it would be a realization for Tam that she would never get a second chance with him. I think she would realize that she kept herself from them making up. Hype tried to talk to her. She wasn’t ready to listen, letting her pain and anger keep her from her old friend. With his death, she would realize they would never have a chance to be friends again.

It could be the wake up call that maybe she needs to learn to forgive and let things go. It could be the realization that the First Order isn’t where she needs to be. The First Order doesn’t care about the people she loves. For the narrative, it could push her to want to return home to be with Kaz, Neeku, Synara, and Yeager again. She would lose a second chance with Hype, but she would have another chance to be with the rest of her friends again.

If Hype died, it would set a lot of things in motion. It could make the citizens of the Colossus stand up against the First Order. It could make Tam second guess everything. It could be some really nice storytelling.

All this said, nobody better kill any single one of my Resistance characters. I love them all, including the villains. I hope this doesn’t come to pass. But if someone had to die, Hype would be a great choice.


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